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Author John Chaplin, John Somerville, ISBN: 9780857042712, Hardback published in 2015, 159 pages

Speedway historian John Chaplin and image archivist John Somerville have teamed up again to produce the third in their highly praised trilogy about the world's most exciting sport.

Speedway Legends deals with their lifelong passion for speedway racing and their admiration for the men who, over almost ten decades, have by their skill, daring and bravery, made it what it is. It honours the many personalities they particularly admire and is designed to make speedway enthusiasts aware of how their contribution to the development of the sport has made it what it is today.

As speedway's centenary rapidly approaches, the dynamic partnership present another superb celebration of the sport that journalist Chaplin has written about and reported on for sixty of those years. He has built a reputation as one of the world's lead-ing speedway writers, whilst Somerville has amassed an unequalled collection of priceless pictures by the very best of speedway's photographers from across the world.

Speedway Legends is the third in their successful series to follow Speedway Superheroes and Speedway: The Greatest Moments. Both books featured illustrations of outstanding quality, many dating from the sport's pioneer years of the 1920s, and the latest Chaplin/Somerville epic continues their championship-winning high standards.

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