The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)

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  • The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)
  • The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)
  • The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)
  • The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)
  • The Seaforth Grand Prix Parade 1982 - 1988 (Bruce Polain, Signed)
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66 minutes of the sights & sounds DVD included.


I remember it well indeed, the "Seaforth Grand Parade," and its originator, promoter, organiser and businessman, Bruce Polain. An idea that Bruce would not let go no matter what obstacles were thrown at him — where he invoked the three P persistence, persistence and persistence. It was a wonderful event, a great promotional tool embraced by racing car enthusiasts and locals.

A special once a year day for enthusiast and others - colourful, visually exciting, noisy, beautiful motor cars, and "famous" people and characters together with a bit of glamour. It developed into a Carnival atmosphere. The Sights & Sounds of Seaforth and a time now gone.

Bruce Polain in 2021 is a retired "old" gentleman with great memories and he writes them down in a series of motoring books and provides a sense of history.

His latest, "The Seaforth Grand Parade - 1982-1988" brings this local exhibition and the parade through Seaforth streets back to life. This is done with wonderful photographs, copies of news articles and comment It was Bruce Polain's untiring efforts that created the event, brought life to Seaforth, and started the modernising of the Seaforth local shopping strip.

Bruce is a person of many talents with a lifetime interest in motor cars and motor racing — indeed anything mechanical. He has done his fair share of club and historic motor racing with numerous cars, and he has built friendships with the motor racing fraternity including many colourful people.

I recall meeting Bruce in the mid-1970s at Manly Municipal Council where I was employed as the Deputy Town Clerk and in my early thirties. As I recall he was trying to get a development approved for the redevelopment of a corner Petrol Station on the corner of Sydney Road and Ethel Street to construct and operate a furniture store, shops and a carpark. This eventuated and became known as Polain's Corner. However, there were a few planning and traffic obstacles and issues. As I recall, the council was cooperative but rightfully expressed some concerns and suggestions. Bruce doggedly refused to be put-off by anything coming forth with considered responses and solutions. He was persistent being the nature of the man. All obstacles were resolved and the Polain Centre was completed and Council later awarded the Polains an "Enhancement Award" for their construction at Seaforth - which started the transformation of the local area.

It was these attributes, especially persistence and dog-at-a-bone approach, which enabled him also to succeed with his idea of the Seaforth Grand Parade which included closing roads, coordinating the Bridge opening, "temporary" motor registration of racing cars and all the "impossible" hurdles thrown at him.

For many people and government authorities it was an interesting idea but will never happen. — too many risks. Many told him he was wasting his and their time. However, nothing was a real knock-back to Bruce, and he kept going. If you have a good idea then never, ever give up. Bruce, your book brings it all back to life and jogs the memories — numerous photos of great racing cars, copies of news articles and comment.

Congratulations Bruce and his team of volunteers for organising the 'Event" back in the 1980s (1982 to 1988), and congratulations Bruce for recording it in your latest book — the colour, pageantry, and carnival atmosphere. I doubt it could be achieved today but if it did - it would definitely require "persistence.

Wayne Collins.

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